The Shephard Difference

The Shephard Chiropractic team has spent over 30 years refining their craft and expertise. Your comfort and care are of the utmost importance to us and we’ve aligned our practice directly with our patient’s needs. Our team is dedicated to treating all of you, not just your specific injuries and pain by looking at the full story behind your symptoms.

Not your average chiropractic clinic

How We'Re Different

We will work to gain your trust with our experience, our knowledge, our solutions, and most importantly: our care.


Instrument Based Adjusting

The ArthroStim is a handheld, controlled force adjustment tool. In this safe, effective method, each of the 12-14 thrusts per second are pinpointed to a specific area, triggering a healing response in muscle, ligament and osseous (bone) tissue.

Flexible scheduling and care

Easy and Flexible Scheduling

With multiple doctors and scheduling based around our hours and your availability, we want to make sure you can see us when you need to.

Custom Treatment Plans

There is no one-size-fits-all at Shephard Chiropractic. Your plan is unique to you and may be shortened or lengthened based on your progress.

Knowledgable Staff

Knowledgable Staff

In the case of car accidents or worker’s compensation, we know the paperwork can be stressful. We will work with your healthcare team and help you navigate the insurance / legal process.

Benefits of Instrument Adjusting


Instrument adjustments are ideal for those with severe pain, or those concerned with neck safety. It avoids typical pre-adjustment tension or post-adjustment soreness that may occur with traditional manipulation.


A traumatic injury can lead to long wait times before you can begin chiropractic care. Instrument adjustments can be gently and precisely performed on patients while they are sitting, standing or in any position.


Many of our patients are relieved to find the efficacy of a small tool far outweighs the benefits of traditional manipulation, citing improved comfort, increased range of motion, and/or improved muscle strength soon after their treatment.


Traditional adjustments can impact the same body differently, depending on the day. Controlled force adjustments allow our providers and you to know what to expect every time. 

Three important steps

The way we do things

Every chiropractic clinic operates a bit differently. At Shephard Chiropractic clinic, we use gentle, targeted methods for our chiropractic adjustments and we treat the whole body. In addition, our treatment plans are custom to your condition.

Exam and Diagnosis


At Shephard Clinic, we have two major concerns: What’s wrong? Can chiropractic help you? Every patient receives a thorough exam and discovery process. At the end of a consultation, we will guide you to the proper choice: chiropractic, or, if chiropractic will not be beneficial for your condition, we will make a recommendation for a different specialist. Additionally, our in-house digital x-ray provides clear and immediate insight to help you. 


  • Provide a thorough exam and use additional diagnostic equipment the find the primary cause of your complaint
  • Clearly communicate what is going on in your body and educate you about your options
  • Work as a team to determine the best treatment plan


With a strong diagnosis, treatment can begin that is specific to your needs.  We’ll provide you with as much information as we can about your underlying structural problem, so that you can choose the direction of your care, knowing that any option we provide is safe, effective and affordable. Often times treatments can include chiropractic adjustments, massage, cold laser therapy, and at home exercises.


  • Use gentle, state of the art, controlled force adjusting techniques using the ArthroStim™
  • Treat the entire body, your feet, knees, shoulders, or hips also deserve some attention
  • Provide rehab exercises to help with recovery
Controlled Force Arthrostim Chiropractic Treatment
Whole body chiropractic - ankle adjustment
Creating a treatment plan


Not every condition needs the same treatment plan. Our treatment plans will target your primary concerns and include a schedule that is reasonable and necessary. Ensuring that you have every opportunity to reach maximum recovery as quickly as possible. The treatment plan is designed to fit in with your life, including any insurance you have that covers chiropractic. It is important to remember, many conditions didn’t show up overnight. It can take time and commitment to make a full recovery.


  • Your doctor works with you to build a treatment plan 
  • Clinic staff helps keep you on schedule
  • If things change, that’s ok, the plan changes with your progress
What our patients say

Patient Testimonials

Customer Testimonial
I have been using Shephard Chiropractic for over years. The care is excellent and the staff is very friendly. Dr. Shephard has helped during times when I have completely thrown my back or when I just need some minor adjustments.


Customer Testimonial
I have been receiving chiropractor care for over 20 years. I have serious osteoporosis and multiple orthopedic conditions. I quit going to OHSU after five years in favor of this chiropractic clinic. Dr. Shephard is incredible! His knowledge base and technique have been the most effective I have ever received. His massage therapist is outstanding. I feel like a new person every time I get treatment and my pain relief makes daily living possible.


Customer Testimonial
I am a long time patient of Dr Shephard and went to see him after pregnancy for aches and pains. I was surprised when he asked how my knees and ankles had been feeling as I had severe leg pain and swelling during pregnancy that hadn’t resolved. He treated my knees and ankles and I instantly felt the blood circulation return to my feet and the pain in my knees has been decreasing ever since. On top of that he treated baby and her range of motion has greatly improved which has helped significantly with breastfeeding!