Controlled Force Chiropractic Adjustments, and how they can help you

Shephard Chiropractic is an instrument only, controlled force adjusting chiropractic clinic in Portland Oregon. Learn more about this method of chiropractic treatment.
Second generation Arthrostim™ used to adjust the mid-cervical spine.

Controlled Force Adjusting: A Modern Chiropractic Paradigm

After 15 years of providing traditional chiropractic treatment, in 2002 Dr. Shephard discontinued the older method and adopted a modern, gentle form of manipulating the human spine. This new approach is generally referred to as ‘light’ or ‘controlled’ force adjusting. This new development within the chiropractic profession assures increased safety and better outcomes. Dr. Shephard has been pleased with the level of patient satisfaction and the results attained.

What is a controlled force chiropractic method?

Controlled force spinal adjusting employs a specific approach using only as much as is needed to facilitate a response. This is achieved with an FDA approved instrument called the Arthrostim™. This device, along with several other instruments, consistently achieves remarkably gentle and rapid healing.

How does Arthrostim™ adjusting differ from traditional chiropractic adjustments?

Motorized adjusting employs a controlled force and concentrates on three key tissue types: osseous (joint), muscle, and ligament. By addressing all three components at each visit, the doctor is able to maximize results. Using the Arthrostim™ adjusting tool provides pinpoint accuracy in which only the vertebrae and related tissues involved are corrected.

Can the procedure be complemented by other types of treatment?

Certainly. Physical therapy, pain management, exercise rehabilitation and other forms of conventional treatment work nicely in conjunction with our technique.

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