Why Stick With Your Treatment Plan?

Having a treatment plan seems like a great idea until life gets busy, right? Like anything else in life, you don’t want to go one step forward and two steps back. Adhering to your treatment plan can minimize relapses and help you maintain your health beyond just pain relief.
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Patient and Doctor communication

Why Use a Treatment Plan?

Treatment plans require buy-in from the patient (you!) and plenty of work from both you and the chiropractor. Measure your commitment and ask yourself: how badly do I want to recover from this issue, problem, or condition? By participating in a treatment plan, you’re committing to the plan and to yourself—in less pain and discomfort than before.


What’s Special About a Treatment Plan?

The treatment plans at Shephard Chiropractic are customized. They’re tailor-made just for our patients. That means that when you go off track, or if you don’t put in the effort, you risk relapse for your pain and the concerns you originally came in to solve may return. The treatment plan was put in place so that your chiropractor and you can put parameters around your healing journey—checking off progress as you come for your appointments. Your treatment plan can be adjusted according to your progress, all because it’s tailor-made for you.


Your individual plan offers far more benefits than just avoiding pain. By sticking to your treatment plan, you’re also allowing your body to boost its immunity. By enabling your body to feel well, you can improve your daily activities—something you might not recognize until you start to see and feel the difference after your chiropractic appointments. The idea is that you don’t yet know how good you can feel. That’s the beauty of treatment plans that are made for you (and followed by you).


What Does the Healing Process Look Like?

Sometimes, we see patients that stop coming to appointments because they’ve reached the pain relief portion of their healing process. This may seem fine at first, but this isn’t the end of treatment. The idea behind chiropractic is to address pain first, and then accomplish deeper solutions in the body’s structure to help prevent re-injury and additional pain.


With some patients, we have seen immense improvement in pain, and then they stop showing up for appointments, thinking they are good to go. That may be true, but only temporarily—these patients can end up calling us a few weeks later asking for another appointment to fix the very issue they came in to address.


Phases of treatment


How Can I Maintain this Treatment Plan Schedule?

Start by prioritizing your health. If it’s time that’s the problem, reconfigure your appointments to work with your schedule (we’ll work with you on this!) If it’s money, we are happy to offer payment options, and we’ll work with your insurance providers to verify what is covered and what is not.


When patients and providers communicate and create a treatment plan together, it’s built for success. If you decide on your own that you no longer want to come to the chiropractor because you “feel better” you cannot expect successful results. Work together with your provider, and we’ll be mindful of the best path forward. Communicate with us if you need fewer appointments per week, or if you need a different payment method.


Bottom line? Be open, and we’ll be flexible. We want you to feel better, and we’re here to help you do that. Sticking to your treatment plan is the best way to get better and prevent re-injury so you can get back to your regular life.


Wondering how our treatment plans can help you? Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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