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Our goal is to free patients from pain and discomfort, allowing them to live fuller, happier, and more active lives.

Whether for treatment of injury, relief of chronic pain, or general health maintenance, the Shephard Chiropractic Doctors and their team offer the latest in chiropractic and adjunctive treatments to help patients of all ages attain better health.

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Shephard Clinic of the Chiropractic Arts
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The doctors and staff at Shephard Chiropractic work together to help you feel cared for and safe, every step of the way. When you think of your health, we want you to think of us.

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Dr. Scott B. Shephard, D.C.

Chiropractic Physician - Founder

Dr. Stephen G. Ray, DC.

Chiropractic Physician

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Patient Services

Shephard Clinic uses light force chiropractic adjustments in combination with exercise and massage to treat your whole body. We are proud to be a Arthrostim™ chiropractic clinic serving our Portland community.


Our instrument-based chiropractic care leads to greater benefits without negative impact, such as post-adjustment soreness. 



  • Safe: Instrument adjustments are ideal for those with severe pain, or those concerned with neck safety. It avoids typical pre-adjustment tension or post-adjustment soreness that may occur with traditional manipulation.
  • Gentle: A traumatic injury can lead to long wait times before you can begin chiropractic care. Instrument adjustments can be gently and precisely performed on patients while they are sitting, standing or in any position.
  • Effectiveness: Many of our patients are relieved to find the efficacy of a small tool far outweighs the benefits of traditional manipulation, citing improved comfort, increased range of motion, and/or improved muscle strength soon after their treatment.
  • Consistent: Traditional adjustments can impact the same body differently, depending on the day. Controlled force adjustments allow our providers and you to know what to expect every time. 

Massage Therapy

Our thorough, state-certified massage therapists are trained to help treat your chronic pain or new injuries in conjunction with your chiropractic care.



  • Complimentary Care: Massage therapy works very well in combination with chiropractic treatments. Especially for those patients that were in an auto accident or work injury.
  • Reduces Pain: A therapeutic massage can increase relaxation and reduces muscle soreness and tension. It also improves circulation with will lead to a decrease in pain.
  • Faster Recovery: Getting massage treatments in addition to chiropractic adjustments can speed up the time it takes to recover from an injury. 
Therapeutic Massage Treatment

Digital X-Ray

Our in-house digital x-ray lets you stay in one place for all your treatment needs, allowing an efficient and clear diagnosis through our “one-stop shop” high-resolution imaging.



  • Accurate: Chiropractors that don’t have a digital x-ray machine either have to refer you out to an imaging facility or they skip imaging altogether. Finding proof of your condition and progress provides peace of mind that your medical team is doing the right thing.

  • Fast: Having a Digital X-Ray machine in-house means you don’t have to make an extra stop in your day. Often times we find that when patients need to go to another office for x-rays that it is a burden on their time. 

  • High-Quality: The imaging ability in modern x-ray equipment is far better than it used to be. Get the best treatment with high-quality images of your conditions.

Cold Laser Therapy

Trade out pain for a painless laser. Cold laser therapy passes through the layers of skin, to interact with tissue, eliminating pain and swelling and reducing spasms.



  • Minor Injuries and sprains: Assists in healing ligament sprains, tendonitis, neck pain, tennis elbow, bursitis, muscle spasms, swelling, and healing of the joints and soft tissue.

  • Inflammation: Chronic inflammation can cause many issues inside the body. Cold laser therapy combats inflammation conditions like rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other chronic autoimmune diseases.

  • Aches and pains: Cold laser can be used both for chronic or acute pain from conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or fibromyalgia.

  • More: There are many non-chiropractic uses for cold laser such as wound healing, skin rejuvenation and more.