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From easy scheduling to custom treatment plans, your chiropractic care is thorough and tailored to you every step of the way. Click below to learn more about our safe and effective methods.

Shephard Chiropractic clinic

The right choice for you

Our team takes the time to analyze your condition, work with your schedule, and expertly treat you. We focus on the whole body, not just your spine. 

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Shephard Chiropractic takes a clinical approach to chiropractic care


Each of our doctors are extensively trained in diagnosing all kinds of conditions. Our team will search for the root cause of your pain, and thoroughly explain the diagnosis, treatment plan, and give you tools to maintain your health.

Flexible scheduling and care


With multiple doctors on staff and extended hours, we can accommodate same-day appointments, provide comprehensive case management and multiple billing options. You can get the help you need when you need it.


Adjustments made with an Arthostim are quick, comfortable, and targeted. Because of this gentle and effective approach, you can begin treatment quickly after an injury. You can feel safe knowing we won't twist or crush you.

When you think of healthcare, think of us

helping and healing

Our goal is to free patients from pain and discomfort, allowing them to live fuller, happier, and more active lives.


Whether for treatment of injury, relief of chronic pain, or general health maintenance, the Shephard Chiropractic doctors and their team offer the latest in chiropractic and adjunctive treatments to help patients of all ages attain better health.

The safety and effectiveness of instrument
adjusting sets it apart from other forms
of spinal manipulation.

Clinic expertise

Sports and Lifestyle

Sometimes doing what we love hurts us. Regular tune-ups and exercises for injuries or repetitive movements from sports can keep you in the game.

On the Job Injuries

Our team helps patients understand the claim process so you can focus on getting back to work, pain-free.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Every Oregonian can get chiropractic care after an accident. Our precise, non-invasive methods can help you begin healing sooner than traditional manipulation.

Injury Recovery

Not feeling like yourself? Letting small problems linger can lead to much bigger problems later down the road. Let’s find the solution that keeps you moving freely.

The ways we can help

Patient Services

Shephard Chiropractic maintains four specialty areas to best serve you. 

Chiropractic Care

Most of our chiropractic procedures are instrument-based, leading to greater benefits without negative impacts, such as post-adjustment soreness.

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Massage Therapy

Our thorough, state-certified massage therapists are trained to help treat your chronic pain or new injuries in conjunction with your chiropractic treatments.

Digital X-Ray

In-house, high-resolution digital x-ray lets you stay in one place for all your treatment needs, allowing an efficient and clear diagnosis through our “one-stop-shop.”

Cold Laser Therapy

Trade out pain for a painless laser. Cold laser therapy passes through the layers of skin, to interact with tissue, eliminating pain and swelling and reducing spasms.

What our patients say


"Hands down the best chiropractic clinic and office in Portland."


Customer Testimonial
I have been going to Dr. Shephard for about two months and I have never felt better. After my initial consultation which included x rays of my neck and back we found out that I broke my neck at some point in high school and it managed to heal on its own. I recommend him to everyone I know that complains of issues with their back, neck, and hips.


Customer Testimonial
I have suffered on and off with lower back pain since my early 20’s. Usually my back would go out every 4-6 months. I would be laid up in bed for 3-4 days until the pain subsided. After this last episode I was finally convinced by a friend to seek professional help and went to see Dr. Shephard. When I arrived I could barely walk and the most comfortable position was to lay on my back in bed. First of all Dr. Shepherd worked me into his schedule on his day off. He diagnosed that I had one leg…


Customer Testimonial
I am writing this review to let anyone who is interested in knowing if Dr. Shephard’s clinic is a good place to go for Chiropractic treatment to assure people that he is THE best! I started having serious trouble with my lower back over 10 years ago. It was being suggested by doctors that it looks like I might have to have my back operated on. I was a forklift driver at a large manufacturing plant here in Portland called Gunderson’s. My back got so bad I could not do my job anymore and the comp…


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We offer chiropractic care to NW Portland, Oregon neighborhoods including Alphabet District, Nobb Hill, West Slope, Pearl District, and Uptown.
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